I was so surprised and excited to see another box from Influenster show up at my door! I was intrigued to find out it was a deodorant! I love trying new bathroom products, especially deodorant! I had never heard of their BRAND NEW Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray deodorant before, so I was eager to try it and write a review on it! Read further on to learn about my first impressions about this deodorant and my review! 😉

My First Impressions:

My first impression was indeed excitement, but I was nervous as well. I had tried spray deodorants in the past (from a different brand) and was not happy with them at all. The spray deodrants that I tried in the past never worked and always left a white residue in my armpits! Ewww, right?!? So, I was hoping that this deodorant will not only be completely different than the ones I tried in the past, but will hopefully surpass my expectations! In this review, I will let you know my personal over all opinion about this new Women’s Fresh Energy Deodorant, by Degree!

My Thoughts and Review on this Degree Spray Deodorant:

After opening this box, the first thing that stuck out to me was the unique and fancy design of this new deodorant! I am a sucker for designs when it comes to products! Just ask my Husband, he will let you know! The bottle itself is very light in weight, which I love! It didn’t leak at all, which was surprising! If I ever get anything shipped to me that is a spray, it leaks and it just drives me crazy! So, after I had taken a shower that night, I sprayed the Degree deodorant under my arms and was pleasantly surprised by the smell. I am not a big fan of strong smelling fragrances, but this deodorant has a light, citrus smell to it. The smell was awesome! Before spraying the deodorant, be sure to unlock it, shake it, and hold it at least 6 inches away from your skin!


After spraying it under my arms, I kept it on that night and since I did not have to go anywhere the next day, I wanted to see if it worked the next day too. It does say on the bottle that it is a 48 hour anti-perspirant, so I wanted to put it to the test! To my surprise, it lasted the next day too! My armpits had a nice citrus smell to them and it was amazing! I love this spray deodorant and I cannot wait to try the other spray deodorants by Unilever! It is now my go-to deodorant! 😉 Another wonderful thing about this deodorant is that it is extremely affordable and accessible! It costs around $5 and can be found in your local Walmart! You can also order it online here!

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